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My Chance

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▣My Chance! Leviathan/Satoshi Kada▣ {Eng+Rom+Indo}

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Alex very sneeky Brett n Julie they seems awsome together i hope it last. Mark also What about Brett and Julie???? See all 3 questions about My Chance….

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Jan 07, C rated it it was amazing. The author did a fantastic job with this book. I highly recommend this series!! I will post a more detailed review once the book is released.

But I will say this I totally swooned over Alex!! Jan 15, Amy McGlone rated it it was amazing. I think I was in BHO mode for a couple of days.

For a debut novel, it was spectactular. With My Chance, I was terrified to open the book. I didn't know how the story was going to play out. Yet, I was a giddy little school girl when I saw it in my inbox.

I might have actually squeeled. Alex is such a complex character, we get to see so many sides of him. He's so dedicated to Aubrey, he loves with everything he is.

And enough for both of them. Aubrey discovers some things about herself on her path to healing. Things she never even realized. This story is all about discovery for her.

Discovery that a love as deep as Alex's doesn't mean she will be a burden to him, that she can be an independent person and still love him.

I think being a burden to anyone is her greatest fear. Learning to let go of the past of one of the biggest lessons she will learn.

Joanne Schwehm has once again shown her amazing story telling abilities. Shocking me with facts that I had to go google some of them when I read them.

She doesn't just tell part of the story, she goes into such detail with her characters that you truly feel like they are alive and well right in front of you.

These 2 story's are so amazing, you have to read it to believe them. Joanne Schwehm has a bright shiny future in front of her. Feb 03, Eye Candy Bookstore rated it it was amazing.

LOVED it!!! How could I not? Aubrey thought Alex's betrayal and subsequent actions were unforgivable and she would never be able to forget what he did or trust him again.

She continues to battle both him and herself about the feelings she cannot get over for this man that stole her heart so suddenly.

This is a heart gripping story and you will not be able to resist falling in love with Aubrey and Alex and wanting so much for there to be more, as you will not be able to let them go when it ends.

Great book and series from Joanne. That was an amazing happy ending to Aubury and Alex's love story this book proved without a doubt that love is the answer.

Feb 06, Lustful Literature rated it it was amazing. Joanne Schwehm ended book 1 on a WTF CH and I am sure, just like myself, other readers were left wandering what will happen to the characters.

Will it be just as emotional and captivating as the first book? Well guess what? It was even better! So what do we get in book 2?

Please talk to me. Let me know you understand. I needed to be with you. Ok Leah is the ex, who thinks there is still something between Alex and her, but she was used and her purpose was served.

Ok anyway, Alex tries to make up for his mistakes, but what happens when that mistake is around?

He was well taken care of while you were gone. She slapped the troll, right in her face. But he plans to spend the rest of his life proving to Aubrey how much he loves her and only wants her.

Why did you lie to Aubrey? I never want to see you here again. Do you understand? Do you hear me?

Change your wet panties hot!!! Where are we? I should have done that yesterday. Wrap your legs around me. I love your face. Bend Over.

I need to come, Aubrey. Let me feel you. She has learned to love, trust and fight for the man she wants to spend her life with.

Of course that is easier said than done. But as I said she is a strong character, she takes on the fight of her life, like a true Diva.

Aubrey has grown and she has learned to speak her mind and fight for love. I love the dynamics between Aubrey and her best friend Julie. She is a true friend in every sense of the word.

When she believes in something, she is not afraid to say it. What you saw sent you into this nightmare.

The last thing you saw as him and that skank. Do you want me to leave her? I need to talk to Alex alone.

I need you more now than I ever have. Please just hold me. I loved the beginning of this series; the follow up story and the ending. There is nothing that I would change about this series or this story.

So I will ask now do we get a book with Brett and Julie? I have a sneaky feeling, we will. I will leave you with my favorite quote from this book.

Look into my eyes and listen to me, okay? You Aubrey, Ryan, are beautiful. View 1 comment. Oct 29, Ashley Jasper rated it really liked it.

Thank goodness I waited until My Chance was out before I read the first one in the series- because after the way the first one ended, I jumped right into this one!

Yes- you have to read Unexpected Chance or you will be lost as to what is happening here. Joanne Schwehm once again wove a tale full of hope, fear and love.

There was an impeccable balance to the writing. I am so glad that this picks up right where the last book left off, in the next heartbeat Aubrey is reeling from Chance's big Thank goodness I waited until My Chance was out before I read the first one in the series- because after the way the first one ended, I jumped right into this one!

Aubrey is reeling from Chance's big revelation. And Chance is holding his breath to see what her reaction will be.

First there was the shock then the anger then the acceptance. It was a whirlwind of emotions for both of them and it was only a matter of minutes before they were making up for lost time.

I thought this is it- they're gonna work it out and go back to New York and go back to being happy. Well, I was very wrong. Things go from steamy to heated in the blink of an eye.

There is months of pent up frustration and feelings that need to be let out and they both do. Aubrey, being more confused than ever, does what she does best and pushes Alex away.

Alex is more heartbroken than ever. He did everything he could to try and get back into Aubrey's life and it all backfired.

So he resigns himself to the fact that he needs to move on. I was screaming in my head at them both to get it together! However, an unlikely person helps Aubrey realize what she is doing and sets her straight.

I loved seeing Aubrey go into fight mode. This was a side of her I hadn't seen yet and it really put her on my good side.

My heart was racing during the flight and when Alex realizes that Aubrey is on board I was furiously reading to find out what would happen.

Here was the Alex I knew and loved. But this is Aubrey and Alex, things don't ever go as planned. What they thought was going to be the key to Aubrey's recovery turns into something else entirely.

That was another twist that I didn't see coming at all. But it was just the thing Aubrey needed to start to fully heal. I loved that as their relationship healed and moved forward so did Aubrey's recovery.

And Alex, is just perfection. He is everything I love in a book boyfriend. And when he opens up, with Aubrey's urging, to his father I had a big smile on my face.

This just goes to reiterate how Alex would do absolutely anything to make his woman happy. And make her happy he does. My heart was in my throat when she came face to face with Garrett, the ex who did a real number on her.

But Aubrey's heart shone through as she got the closure she needed to put what he did to her in the past for good.

And when Alex took her to meet his mom and sister I thought my heart would explode. Aubrey stole the show with her words to them.

While they were finding their way back to happy, they were struggling with the fall out of Brett and Julie's relationship.

Things for them went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye and the best friends are put in the middle. But Alex and Aubrey have made it back to their normal and are ready to move forward with the forever that they both want.

Nothing proves just how far they've come than Alex's gift to Aubrey. I think I was as nervous as Aubrey but with a big smile on my face. He got her and while he didn't push he did urge her to follow her heart and dreams.

And that ending was so beautifully them. They had really come full circle from where everything had started.

Apr 25, Ellie added it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

F I am so pissed off right now. I was pissed at the end of part one when the d-bag hero started blaming the heroine for HIS choice in kissing another woman.

He did it to hurt her in the worst way he could think of and that punishment did not fit the crime. And after standing her ground through most of the book she started blaming herself, too!

She wrote about him in a journal, HE cheats in revenge? How is he the fucking victim? So, onto part 2. They sleep together, she panics, still not D.

They sleep together, she panics, still not ready to let him back in. He lays on the guilt, tells her he'll always love her, blah, blah, blah.

Less than a day later she overhears him proposition another woman! And he finds out she overhears and he asks her - I love this - what she wants from him.

And she plays all sad-sack and hurt, "Oh, I'm sorry. I know I've lost you now. I won't bother you anymore. This writer needs to get a clue. Cheaters SUCK and she seems to only write heroes who cheat.

I got news for her, cheaters ain't heroes. Yeah, nobody's perfect, right? Come up with a better fucking argument.

Not kiss other people to hurt the one we supposedly love and then blame them for it. Or how about not propositioning some tart after you've been broke up less than a day?

And after he does this to this heroine - who went from pretty awesome to TSTL, btw - his excuse was he 'was trying to forget you, I guess. That's what the heroine should have told him.

Instead, she falls on her sword and pathetically begs him to take her back. Right after overhearing him plan to hook up with another woman.

Mind you, this god of a man's previous actions resulted in the h having an accident that blinded her.

He was an immature mama boy and a player and a cheater and I would have beat his arse for the whole Chance arc alone - but HE forgives HER and she's unreasonable for being hurt that he cheated?

Yeah, I don't think. I detest this sort of writing and the mindset in today's writers that a man can get away with blue murder because he's hot and women must check their brains and self-respect at the door and take that bullshite up their arses.

That isn't romance. Third strike from this writer, and she's now on my avoid list. I'm out. Shelves: chick-lit , romance , series. If you do, then you will be reading spoilers, and I would hate to have you miss out on the wonderfulness of that story.

So, Chance was actually Alex! What guy gives up their whole life to follow a woman half way around the world just to prove his love?

Oh, the happy tears when he put her bracelet back on her wrist — swoon! She follows her heart to New York. Together they face the specialists, exes, family, and friends to carve out the life that they want.

Pretty please! Free proofreader… come on, you know you want me! Jan 15, Desirae Dee rated it really liked it. I wish her recovery would have been longer instead of just like bam!

I wish it would hVe drug out a little longer. And I wish her confrontation with Garett was a little more dramatic.

Can you tell I like the drama? Okay now on to what I did like. I love the relationship between Alex and Aubrey. I love that Aubrey grew up in this book.

And I mean the way she handled herself. She stood up to Leah, mended a relationship, told Brett how she really feels about his situation, told Alex to read the whole journal and didn't hide.

She didn't run. She didn't push him away. So I feel like she matured some in this book. And Alex. I feel like he did too. He feels so guilty for what happened, but he worked with her and Dr Russo on that.

He was committed to so whatever it took, cost no matter, to get her the best help ever. And they have a lot of sex, what's not to like about that?

I really liked this sequel Jan 23, Tonya rated it it was amazing. Well, where to start. This has been the perfect continuation to Alex and Aubrey's story.

Aubrey has really had to learn to love and trust and it all seemed to happen in such a short amount of time. But what Aubrey learned I think as well as is a lesson to others is that when you find love, it doesn't or shouldn't matter how long you've known them.

When you deeply love and trust someone, time has no constraints. Alex does everything he can to make up for his mistakes.

He knows he's screwed up in Well, where to start. He knows he's screwed up in his past and with Aubrey. But he also knows and will spend the rest of his life moving heaven and earth to prove to Aubrey just how deeply he loves her.

He learns that even though someone may not be with you any longer, they still have a way of keeping you with the people you need to be with.

Jan 26, Vina Platania rated it it was amazing. Totally unexpected! After introducing Aubrey and Alex in Unexpected Chance, the author left us wondering what would happen to this couple the readers fell in love with.

I have to say I was anxious about where the series would go next. Joanne Schwehm has incredible vision when she writes. The story unfolds and leaves you eager to turn the page to find out whats next.

The story, Alex and Aubrey's story is one that many people can relate to. Life has a way of being nothing like what you expected it Totally unexpected!

Life has a way of being nothing like what you expected it to be, but in the end, it is what it is supposed to be.

My Chance is an amazing sequel to Unexpected Chance! I laughed and cried several times while reading and I won't spoil it for any one but I will say that it is a "must read".

And if you haven't been introduced to Alex and Aubrey yet, what are you waiting for! My Chance will be available February 4th for purchase on Amazon.

Mar 06, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Ok, so as said in the first review this had to be the hardest ever to write.

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Aubrey has really had to learn to love and trust and it all seemed to happen in such a short amount of time. Feb 23, Christine Stanley rated it it was amazing. Absolutely adored how hard they fought for each other. His decision had him doing all he could to get back what he lost. My Chance picks right up where Unexpected Chance ends, thank goodness! Can you Billard Spielen I like the drama? I need you more now than I ever have. Jan 23, Tonya Schützen Vor Englisch it it was amazing. I was super interested in reading about them, to the point where I kept anticipating scenes they were in. If you've not My Chance picked up right where Unexpected Chance left off! There is possibly less chance Play Roulette Online another World War while the last one is within living memory. Pretty please!
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My Chance
My Chance

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My Chance
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